The Better Globe donation package 

This package costs 53€ and is designed to fight poverty with full power.

The donation package contains

  • 2 trees that will be planted in your name and will bring you passive income
  • 2 trees that are given to poor communities in the semi desert areas of Africa which they get fruits and income from
  • 500 liters of water or equivalent are given to local communities
  • 1,5€ to repair and build new schools
  • 1,5€ for micro financing so that poor farmers can take themselves out of poverty by growing their business or investing in the family farm

It’s also possible to invest in single trees through Better Globe:

Ready make a single purchase or start buying trees and Donation Packages monthly? Click here

Our recommendation: invest in 10 trees and 1 Donation Package monthly (and receive 20 bonus trees for free)

Better Globe has this special offer for everyone that buys 120 trees and 12 Donation Packages (10 trees and 1 DP per month) within a calendar year. Everyone that does that get 20 investment trees for FREE (20 year Value: 4160€)  The chart above shows the returns for those of us who choose to use the offer and invest in 10 trees and one DP continuously.

If you want to take part of this special offer follow the points below (5 min)

1. Go to Better Globes website 
2. Set the purchase to 10 trees and 1 Donation package, Click next
3. Enter your information, Click next
4. Be sure to check the monthly Subscription boxes for monthly purchase of both trees and Donation packages, Click “confirm purchase”
5. Fill out the payment information and click the blue button
6. Check your email for the confirmation from Better Globe
7. If you are making the purchase after January month you have to buy extra trees and donation packages to cover the previous months (So that the total amount for the year is minimum 12 DP and 120 trees).
8. To make a one time extra purchase just visit and click “Login” up in the upper right corner. Login with your chosen password and Customer number (AID), it was sent to you in the confirmation email.
When you are logged in click the “Products” tab in the menu to the left. Then just enter the amount of trees and Donation Packages you want to buy, click next and confirm the purchase.



Start buying trees and/or donation packages right now – CLICK HERE

Here are some pictures from the plantations and schools

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