This is for you who already are investing or at least have bought one tree from better globe so that you have a costumer number (AID). If you don’t already have a costumer number you should start with that, just go to Better Globes website and buy one tree.

If you still don’t know what Better Globe is you should start HERE.

How to make double passive income

The passive income from Investing in trees is great and will be sustainable as long as you don’t stop investing. It’s putting 1€ in and getting 12€ back spread out over a 20 year period.

The second passive income stream available from Better Globe is when you help them sell their products.

Since you are reading this I assume that you already know that what Better Globe is doing really works and that this business is designed to make everyone a winner. The more trees that are sold – the more sales commissions will be paid out –  the more returns will the investors get – the more poor people will be taken out of poverty – And with time we will eradicate poverty in Africa. That is how the system works and have been working for many years now.

How to become an affiliate for Better Globe

The affiliates are called Ambassadors and are independent sales people for better globe. If you log into your costumer account you will find a button on the left side where it says “become Ambassador”. There is an Ambassador agreement that you have to read through and agree with. In that agreement you will also find how the commission system works.

We get paid 1€ per sold tree and 2€ per sold donation package through a binary network system.

Since most people buy a donation package and/or some trees automatically every month that means you will have automated passive income coming in every month, and over time as more customers are added the incomes grows and grows. This is what the weekly incomes could look like after a while if you just keep adding new happy customers:

The qualifications for getting commissions

  • Buy 10 trees one time per year (170€)
  • Buy the monthly donation package (53€)
  • Pay the Yearly Ambassador fee (50€)
  • Buy the yearly subscription for Miti and Bingwa magazines (50€)
  • Have at least 2 personal costumers that buys trees and donation packages during the month

This all adds up to a total of 323€, (then 53€ per month for the monthly donation package) but since most of it is investments those 323€ will give back over 2400€ over the 20 year period.

As an extra bonus, if you have 6 customers that buys the donation package you will get your own donation package for free. That bonus goes not just for Ambassadors but for customers as well.

How much can you earn?

That depends on you, how much do you want to earn?

There are people who is just starting out like this guy who started out in the end of September 2016, making just a few Euros in their first week.

Then there are people who have thousands of customers making over 20,000€ per month.

It’s important to understand that this is not a way to get rich quick but rather a way to get rich for life, helping people on all levels. A friend of mine said that Financial Independence is a Marathon and not a sprint, I agree.

Send me an email if you have any questions or if you want to start building passive incomes together with me 🙂