After 12 years of track record and success Better globe gets a lot of recognition.

In the end of 2016 Rino Solberg, the CEO and founder of better globe was invited to talk in front of about a thousand people at the Elevate event in Denmark and short there after he was invited to do a TEDx talk in Sweden.

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Here is the recording from Elevate:

This interview with Better Globes founder, Rino Solberg talks for itself

More information, pictures and videos:

If you want to see more photos here is a collection of over 2000 photos that people have taken when they visited the plantations between 2008-2015

A very touching video that shows and explains what Better Globe really stands for, are doing and have done so far:

Here is a interview with Bernard, forest technician at one of Better Globes plantations:

And here is a video of how the trees are planted:

Here is what the Belgium Embassador in Kenya thinks about the Better Globe project:

This is a drone movie of a small part of the Kiambere pantations:

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