Is this project really working?

In the early years, some people said that what Better Globe want to do is not possible. Few people thought that you could plant trees in those areas and make them grow and survive. After 12 years in business there is a track record to look at. And of course there have been some downturns as with all businesses but the companies that manage to solve the problems and go on to find new ways are the ones that will be successful. Over the 12 year period, Better Globe has done everything that they said they would do. They have planted over a million trees so far, and are rapidly speeding up the pace at which they can plant the trees. They have built and renovated schools together with Child Africa (That are experts in the field) and made it possible for over ten thousand children to get an education. Better Globe has started a micro finance bank together with experts in the field (K-rep) with the purpose to help poor farmers lift themselves out of poverty, following the model of Grameen bank, that Muhammad Yunus got the Nobel peace prize for in 2007. Better Globe has also arranged with water collecting systems in the poor villages around the plantations so that the people living there can have the security of water.  They have also hundreds of people working on their plantations, getting secure income.

So as you can see, Better Globe has made good on all their promises so far and they have the intentions of doing so in the future as well. There are hundreds of people who has been on trips visiting the plantations, taken pictures and I have not heard or read one bad word about Better Globe from any of them, only good things.

On top of that over 10000 people, including me, are getting returns every year from their tree investments, just like you will.

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Below are a few picture from the plantations and the areas Better Globe is helping

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