Financial future secured for 5900 Families in Uganda

About 2 weeks ago I got a email that made me very happy 

Investing in trees 🌳 Through this beautiful project Better Globe gets so much better for every year!

Making money while doing a great thing on so many levels, can it get any better?

They just started a outgrowers program for poor farmers in Uganda in the beginning of this year and already about 5900 farmers have got trees plants planted on their land.

One MILLION tree seedlings has been brought up and 750.000 of them are already distributed to the farmers.

This means a secured financial future for 5900 families in Uganda only so far this year 😁

Find the full article here:

This is only the beginning, the pace is really increasing and this project has really proven that the system of doing things is the right way to go 🙏💪

Are you looking for a great place to put a portion of your savings? How about 15% annual returns while doing something really good for the world?

Check out the info about the project here:

Or look at this 20 min presentation video that I made


I personally have bought trees and Donation Packages for about 40.000€ and continue to purchase on a monthly basis. I´m also affiliated with them as an Ambassador because I really love the project and want to help them succeed in their mission to lift poor African families out of poverty.

Because I´m an Affiliate I get a small percentage of the sale if you purchase trees and/or Donation Packages through the link below. I Give away a part of the commisions and use to aquire more trees. For you as a customer it doesn´t matter if you go through my link or visit the website on your own.

If you have any questions about the project feel free to comment below or Email me at

Here Is my Affiliate link to Better Globe´s website (If you don´t want me to be credited for your purchase, just type in the address manually)

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