Are you stuck in the JOB scam?

Are you a working ant on the colony of earth that haven´t figured out yet that doing the JOB thing is a SCAM?

Your Job is a SCAM for so many reasons and I will leave you with something to think about.

First off, what does JOB stand for?

Just Over Broke

Hours dedicated to the JOB

So we have this guy let’s call him Joe. Joe works a normal 9-17 JOB.

A normal working day looks like this:

Joe wakes up at 07:00 and does all the preparations needed before he goes to work. He drives there and arrives about 15 minutes early.

Then he stays at work for the day and at 17:10 he starts driving home, traffic is bad because most other people are also working 9-17 and everyone is going home at the same time. At 18:15 Joe gets home and sits down on the couch to watch TV for a while to re- energize after a hard day at work. At 19:00 Joe cooks dinner and eats. After that he has a couple of hours of free time to do whatever he likes to do but like most people he is still tired from work and don´t really have the energy to do anything creative so he just sits and watches TV until 23:00, when it´s time to sleep so that he has energy to do his JOB the next day.

The routines are basically the same every week, just like they are for you.

If we add the time that you think about work, solving problems in your head that might have accrued at work etc.

I would say that easy, 80-100 hours per week is dedicated to the average person’s 9-17 JOB, but you only get paid for 40 hours, or wait we forgot one thing. TAXES.


Basically all over the world, the highest taxed income is earned income. It varies a lot from country to country but in many countries the earned income is taxed 2 times, one that is hidden from the workers and one that the workers see on their salary slip. So in Sweden the tax is first about 32% then then they take another 32% before it is transferred into the workers bank account. So the worker ends up with about half the money.

I have heard people from all over the world complain about taxes, saying it´s not fair. But that´s all you can do, complain about it, the system won´t change because you complain.

What you can do is to earn your income in other ways that aren’t taxed as high. It´s is a choice you can make, and only you can make it.

Let´s sum it up

The average worker dedicates 80-100 hours per week and gets paid for 20 hours, the other 20 hours is paid to the government.

That’s why we call it a JOB, Just Over Broke.

Sounds pretty SCAMMY to me!

What are YOUR reflections, do you think that there might be a better way?

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