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I just finished reading Steve Harvey´s book – Act like a success Think like a success. It was a great read and I really recommend it.

Steve Harvey is the author of the number one New York Times bestsellers: Act like a lady Think like a man and straight talk, no chaser. He is the host of his daily talk show and the game show Family Feud, in addition to his nationally syndicated radio show, The Steve Harvey morning show.

The gift, what is your gift?

Steve writes from years and years of experience and hard work getting where he is in life today. He says in Act like a success Think like a success that everyone on this earth has a “gift”, some kind of ability that can make them successful and be able to live their dreams, if treated in the right way. Your gift can be anything from being able to make people laugh, to solving big problems easy, to being great at some sport or whatever other ability that you can think of. I know people that are great listeners, awesome at cooking and some that have people skills like you wouldn´t believe, and I know several examples or other people with the same kinds “gifts” that are extremely successful and wealthy. I think that you know some people like that to!

Your gift might be unique or it might be similar to someone else´s, but we shall never forget that our gift is only ours.

Steve Harvey says that when we utilize our gift, the universe thanks us by giving us different kinds of riches – from different opportunities or good health to financial wealth. Much like other books and successful people are saying about the subject but with his view and experiences of things.

Some people don’t have a clue what their gift might be but don’t worry Act like a success Think like a success has a part about discovering and embracing your gift.

Hint: your gift is what you do at your absolute best with the least amount of effort.

Take the Lid off the jar

Far too many of us let our age, race, sex, or economic background hold us down and restrict us from dreaming big.

Have you ever looked at what happens to a flea when you put it in a jar? The flea jumps only high enough so that its head no longer hits the lid. If those fleas in the jar have baby fleas, the baby fleas are born with the same vertical ability to jump two hundred times their size, however because they are in the environment where they only see other fleas jumping so as not to hit their heads, they begin to duplicate (copy) the behavior of their environment.

There are a lot of similarities between the fleas and people. We duplicate the behaviors of the people that we spend the most time with, very often we are a mix of those people. If we want to achieve success, we first have to take the lid of the jar and then start doing things differently than the other “fleas in our jar”.

I remember the first times I started to experiment with doing things differently, I was very nervous. I decided in the beginning of my twenties that I was going to achieve the success of my dreams, to spend time on my terms in a warm country and not being forced to depend on a job to have money to live. When I started telling friends and family, some were supportive and some just started laughing at me, and said it would never work. I was a small little flea in the jar that said I can jump over the edge, the lid was taken of generations ago. It was not common in my environment, doing something unusual, like following your dreams takes courage and persistency.

Have you heard the story about the 4 minute barrier?

In the beginning of the fifties and before, the common belief on earth was that a man could not run a mile under 4 minutes. There were tests and anatomical equations that showed that the human body was not capable of running that fast for 4 minutes. Then, in May of 1954 Roger Bannister came along and did it, he ran the mile on 3:59.4. Since then thousands of people have run the mile in under 4 minutes, including high school kids.

What happened?

When Roger Bannister had jumped over the edge of the jar, after that everyone else knew that it was possible already at the start line, it had been done before.

Act like a success think like a success

Has a lot of cool ideas and stories of success, dreams, goal setting and reflections.


Are you reading for pleasure or to develop new skills?

Are you reading at all?

The fact is that the world’s most successful people are reading. They are reading more than other people. But they read books that teach them new things, things that will benefit them. This includes Billionaire investor Warren buffet that says he reads a minimum of 3 hours a day, the founder of Facebook Mark Zukerberg that reads one book every week and countless other multi-millionaires and billionaires are saying that they read a lot and have done since long before they became wealthy.

The bottom line is, Readers are Leaders and leaders are the ones that make something awesome of their life.

Do you want to make something awesome of your life?

Start reading Act like a success think like a success or some other book that will give you new knowledge, develop personally or give you some new skills.


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