Will President Donald Trump be killed?

A lot of people hate Donald Trump and I believe that is part of the plan. As long as the people that hate him are fewer than the ones that like him he will still win the elections. A lot of emotions are brought up with his bigmouthed expressions basically every time speaks publically. With Trump, everything is about publicity and he is the master of it. He says things that rip up feelings for the audience, good and bad feelings. I don´t know about you but as it turns out, people agree with him. Trump has been mocked and called a lot of things and media have dug up shit about him from the past, does it matter?

It doesn´t appear so, his numbers are still rising.

Is Donald Trump stupid or a genius?

When he first said that he will build a wall on the border to Mexico to stop illegal immigration, illegal drugs and other sorts of illegal activities a lot of people laughed. On the other hand a lot of people like that idea, why should you let drugs and illegal immigrants pour into the country without any control of it. Then the people that didn´t like the wall idea started saying that it was impossible to build a wall like that. Now have there been great big walls built before in time?


So then it can be done, Trump wins the argument.

Trump talks about bad trade deals. Since he is a businessman and has a lot of big deals on his track record, everyone knows that he is a good negotiator, it doesn´t matter what is true, it´s what people believe that matters. He has failed a lot of times with different businesses, like most (if not all) successful businessmen but he managed to solve the situations. He is still a BILLIONAIRE, and he managed to climb out of huge debt holes before. The US is the biggest debtor nation in the history of the world, it might be so that they need someone with experience of solving situations like that before.

People are calling him an inhumane racist, because of what? Because he want to throw out illegal immigrants and other criminals from the US?

Why is that racist? Everything is racist nowadays!

If someone breaks into my home I don’t give a f*ck what that persons skin-color is, I want to kick them out, wouldn´t you?

Why is it different when it comes to countries?

Why is it racist to sing the Swedish national anthem on any given day in Sweden. Then it’s not racist that every time I go see a movie here in Thailand I have to listen to a song about the Thai king, stand up and show respect (which I’m happy to do) in his honor. I think we have taken the racist word a bit to far.

It´s the same in Sweden, the Swedish society is creating racism that didn´t exist before. People are getting fed up with all the racism bullshit. In Sweden it´s gone so far the there are more benefits for immigrants now than for the Swedish people. One example is that the taxpayers will pay 75% of the salary for a period of time if a company hires an immigrant, how is that not racism? Or the law that only applies to illegal immigrants, that allows illegal immigrants the right to free health care and dental service while legal immigrants have to pay like everyone else.

In Thailand, where I am staying at the moment they just made the immigration rules stricter. Now, if you get caught and are staying in the country illegally (like overstaying your visa for just one day), you are running the risk of being banned from entering the country again for 5 years. The motto is “good guys in, bad guys out”

Watch the movie “Mandela: Long walk to freedom” and think again what racism is.

Donald Trump is saying what the larger part of the crowd wants to hear, that´s why he gets the votes. I believe in the question of if he is stupid or a genius, genius is the correct description. He knows what he is doing. It doesn´t matter if he will do the things that he says or even mean them, he says what people want to hear and he is respected by the people. Some people are calling him different stupid things and I understand why, they feel threatened, most people don’t like change. And one thing is for sure, when Donald J Trump becomes president, there will be change. People will not like that, it will be uncomfortable, but the system is corrupt and change is really needed.

Which brings us to the subject that was the first thing I thought about all the way back in 2012 when Trump talked about running for president.

What will happen when the elite can´t buy the lawmakers?

It´s not a secret that politicians all over the world are corrupt and that they are playing the banks and corporations game. Most people don’t see it, believe it or care about it but we should care about it. The whole system is corrupt and is run by the elite, there´s no question about it. There are connections between political leaders and banks, pharmaceutical companies, food and drink corporations and other billion dollar companies that wants I finger in the game.

There is a reason why some billionaires and corporations are now spending money in desperate attempts to stop Donald Trump and that reason is that they are starting to get scared. They see that there is a chance they might lose the control that they have had for ages. Since Trump is funding his own campaign they can´t control him like they control the others, he is unpredictable and he is not scared. Both Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruise have connections to Goldman sachs, but Donald Trump, he runs his own game. Trump knows the tax and legal system and has used it through all his grownup life. He has no economic interest in becoming President and he has turned down a lot of sponsoring corporations because he wants to be the one that decides when he takes office. I believe that Trump truly wants to “Make America great again”. I also believe that the silent majority will vote for him because he is not fake, he´s not a puppet. He is not afraid to speak the truth, more and more people are starting to understand that the system really is corrupt and that Trump might be a way in the right direction. Donald Trump is putting his life at stake by telling the truth about the establishment, the Bush´s, the Clinton´s and so on. I believe that the establishment will try to kill him when they realize that they can´t stop him in any other way. Donald Trump is doing a really brave thing in my opinion.

The Forecaster

While I was finishing up this article I stumbled upon this article written by Martin Armstrong, one of the worlds most respected forecasters. Many years ago he created a computer program that is based on PI and with a pretty high rate of being correct predicts the cycles of war, government, gold, stock markets and basically everything in the world that is based on human behaviors. He was later put in jail, in an isolated cell because the elite wanted his program, he never gave in. They kept him for about 11 years if I´m not mistaken, then they had to release him. If you haven’t seen The Forecaster, check it out!

The following part is copied from Armstrong economics:

“The point is, those in power will NEVER surrender their power willingly. Donald Trump is flying in the face of people so corrupt that they would not hesitate to have him assassinated somehow, be it a plane or car crash or under the pretense of some minority who gets amazing access. This is standard operating procedure and it is dominant throughout history from ancient times to the present. They will stop Donald Trump one way or another. They cannot afford to lose control of their money machine. The press is part of the establishment, for you can see they have received their orders to portray Trump as dangerous. They should be nominated for an Oscar at the Academy Awards. This is why there is ultimately revolution. No individual can reverse the direction of corruption. Yet the practice of assassination is historic.

So either they rig the convention, or they create an accident. The “establishment” does not appear willing to accept Trump under any conditions.”

What are your thoughts on the subject of Donald Trump?

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