Financial independence – YOU will never get there, not a chance!

Financial independence

Do you believe financial independence is something that only some special kind of people can achieve?

You are absolutely 100% correct!

Only a very special and rare kind of people will ever achieve financial independence. That kind of people are not special because they have some extraordinary skill that no one else has. They are not special because they have some advantages that no one else has. They are special because they really believed that they could do it, and then did it. Most people don´t have what it takes because they don’t believe they can get there. Most people don’t see the big picture. I know for a fact that very few of the people reading this truly believe that they can do it, reach financial independence.

A funny story

I heard a story a couple of years ago that went something like this:

It was a 10 year high school reunion, a lot of people had come to meet and catch up with their old school friends. There was one man that everyone was talking about, Kalle “that dumb kid”. He was now a multi-millionaire and no one could understand how that turned out. Kalle was probably the stupidest kid in school at the time, he failed most classes and yet he was now the most successful of them all. After a couple of beers someone finally went up to Kalle and asked him how he could become so successful. This was his answer:

“It was pretty simple really, I just found a product that that I can buy for 1€ and then sell for 3€, I sold several million of them. Isn´t it amazing how much you can earn with just a 3% gain?”

Even though this story is a joke, there are some things that we can learn from it.

  • Kalle did not limit himself by his own thinking.
  • Getting rich has nothing to do with being smart or having a good education.
  • No one believed he could do it, but it doesn´t matter what others believe, does it?
  • Kalle didn´t really do anything special. If you think about it, all Kalle did was to take something that someone else had created and then re-sold it. He didn´t invent anything, he didn´t build up a huge company with factories and all that. Just some sales training and determination can make you independently wealthy.

Napoleon Hill said: “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.”

Are you hungry?

Most people probably read this because there was no newspapers available at the breakfast table. The once that believe they can achieve financial independence are hungry, not for breakfast. They are hungry for information that will help them on their journey. They are trying to find out new ways to get there. They are spending money on books and seminars. They are spending time to learn new skills. They are using their money to grow new money. But YOU, you are just reading this because you wanted confirmation that the headline “Financial independence – YOU will never get there, not a chance” was really true. Am I right?

Look at yourself, are you happy with what you´ve achieved in life?

Are you satisfied?

Do you have in your life, everything that you´ve ever wanted?

Do you feel fulfilled?

You don’t want anything more?

If you truly with the hand on your heart can say yes to all of those things, I hope that you are like 96 years old and know that in 10 minutes you will die because if you really believe all that, then you don’t have anything more to live for.

The sad thing is that most people don´t believe that it´s even possible for them to live their dreams, to get what they want from life. Most people limit their potential by telling themselves every day that this is as good as it gets. 9-17 job, 5 weeks’ vacation a year, a retirement savings plan, a house with mortgage and a Volvo on the driveway. Rat race prisoners. Look inside your heart and ask yourself this question:

If you knew that you could not fail, would you give it a real try to achieve your life dreams?

Now if your answer is yes, then you should give it a go. Because one way to make sure you never fail is to engage in consistent action and then never quit. If you don’t quit, you will succeed sooner or later.

Everyone takes different ways and go in different pace, if you are not up for it to put in all your effort and try to get there in 3-5 years, do it in 10 years or 20 years. As long as you don’t let go of your dreams.

Engage in consistent action

Consistent action is to constantly move towards your goals. To every day/week do something that takes you closer to them. It can be looking over your savings/investments, reading books, attending seminars, making up plans, listening to educational audio files or even talking to more financially/entrepreneurial experienced people. We´re talking 15 minutes a day, at the minimum. Can you spend 15 minutes a day in the pursuit of your dreams?

Of course with more focus and more time set aside the process will go quicker but the most important thing is to never let go. If you commit to spending just 30 minutes a day for your own financial independence and dreams it will sum up to over 180 hours in a year, over one month´s working time of 8 hours a day. Do you think that if you dedicated one full months working hours to learning something new, that you would become better at it?

Do you think that you could learn to manage your money (or some other skill) better if you took one full month of training?

I think so!

The big picture

If you want to be one of the few who really succeed you have to have the big picture clear. You also have to believe that you can get there. When those two things are clear to you the road there will present itself. That´s it!

I really believe that every single one of you can get there, one way or another. There are millions of ways to get there but there are only two things that people can invest with to reach their dreams, those two things are time and money. There is a saying that goes “give and you shall receive”, that’s how the universe works. You have to put something in to get something back, there are no such thing as a free lunch.

Final thoughts

As I stated before, it doesn´t really matter how fast you are moving the important thing is that you are moving. Start investing in yourself, so many people read books for fun, why not try something different and just change the kind of books that you read?

Or instead of listening to music all the time, why not listen to some educational or motivation audio products?

Zig Ziglar, one of the world’s greatest motivational speakers was asked by a reporter after a motivational seminar, “Is motivation permanent?”

His answer was: “Of course motivation is not permanent. But then, neither is bathing. It´s recommended that you do it on a regular basis.”

Why not try to get some motivation every morning to start the day?

It doesn´t cost you anything!

I promise you, if you start of every day with some motivation you will feel better, more energized, happier and more enthusiastic. This will spread to the people around you and things will start to happen. One small thing can change a lot of things in your life, just try.

To achieve financial independence over a 20 or 30 year period you don’t have to do a lot, just do some adjustments in your spending pattern and start to do some long term easy investments. You still have to put in some effort in learning new things but there is so much time that if you just start of by doing the right things exponential growth will take care of the rest.

I was introduced to the magic of Les Brown by a friend of mine about 7 years ago, he is still today one of my energy and motivation sources. Give a comment if you like it or if you have some other motivational sources to recommend. Enjoy!

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