Priority and attitude is everything!

Do you prioritize your dreams?

I can tell you one thing, good things don´t come to those who just sit and wait for it to happen. Good things come to those who prioritize their financial security, dreams and goals in life. What I’m teaching here is not some bullshit things that doesn’t work. This is proven things, passive incomes is not a joke or some scheme. Passive income is the way to get real financial security, but it doesn´t come by magic. In theory it sounds simple and it is, simple but it´s not easy.  To get what you want in life you have to prioritize it and the same goes with everything. If you want to be fit, you have to prioritize working out. If you want your children to be well behaved, you have to prioritize educating them and being well behaved around them. If you want to get good grades in school, you have to prioritize studying for the tests. If you “don´t have time” then that just means that you prioritize something else than you’re your dreams and goals in life. We all have 24 hours a day and 365 days in a year. How we spend our time is very different. I´ve heard for the past 7 years that “it´s easy for you, you don’t have kids, you don’t have anything else you have to do”. Well, it´s not like I didn´t do anything at all when I first discovered passive income, and that financial independence is possible for everyone. I had my 24 hours filled, just like everyone else. In fact, when I first heard about passive income I was working fulltime and all the other time until nine o´clock at night (sometimes later) I spent fixing up a house, I was booked for my full waken time for over 18 months. I had an obligation to my friend that we should fix that house up, until it was done.

So what did I do?

I started thinking of how I could find the time in a packed schedule. I found that multitasking was a really good way to start, so I started to listen to audio books and seminar recordings while I was driving my car. Then I learned that I could put audio files to my phone as well and could just use headphones, so I did. I listened to books and different kind of education audio most of the day when I was working and also some of the time when we were renovating the house. I started educating myself as much as I could.


If you want to reach your dreams and goals, you have to change your attitude towards them, it´s not enough to just hope for them to come true. One very important thing is to see things with an open mind, if your attitude says that everyone is out to trick and cheat you, you won´t see the full picture because of fear. A closed mind will make you miss out on opportunities, an open mind will let you see opportunities everywhere. If you see things with the attitude that either you win or you learn, you will find your path. Don´t be afraid to make mistakes, everyone make mistakes.

We all make many choices every day, choices that we don´t even think about. Choices of how we react to the behavior of others and situations we are part of. A couple of years ago I bought a new car, the nicest car I have ever owned, a BMW. Just one month or so after I bought it I got into a situation. I stopped it on the sidewalk near my apartment building because I had some heavy bags in the car that I didn´t want to carry too far. I went up with my bags, it took about 5 minutes before I was back down again. When I came to the car I saw that someone had “keyed” the side of it. Now I came to a choice, how shall I react to this?

I thought to myself and decided to take it easy, what would it help me to get angry, sad or upset?


Done is done, what can I do about it?

If I would have gotten angry it would probably effect people near me in a bad way, right?

After that I´ve never stopped the car on the sidewalk again, I learned a lesson.

Am I saying that you can´t get angry and upset anymore?

No, but I just want to make a point that we always have a choice of how to react to things, always.

If you have the attitude that you are the ruler of your reactions and actions, both you and people close to you will have a more positive life. Personal development is huge thing, it´s painful and hard to let go of old habits but it´s doable.

Now you might think that I’m a crazy guy telling you that you have to change, after all you are perfect (just like me). All jokes aside, if you are having a hard time believing that a change in attitude can change your life, just try it a little bit. If you are the guy that´s always angry in traffic on the way to work, just try to think about what good it will bring you to get angry (nothing?).

Why is It that if a day starts in an unwanted way, it has to become a “bad day”?

Have you ever had something in the morning that went totally wrong and then it really destroyed your whole day?

I have, many times. But what if we can start to think a little bit different and just let it go. We can just call it a bad moment instead. This morning I had a bad moment, but it´s over now. Wouldn´t it be awesome to be able to be in control like that?

A story

I heard a story a couple of years ago that got me thinking, I don’t remember it all but I went something like this:

The guy (Ray) that told the story was standing in line to pay at the gasoline station somewhere in America. The women in front of him had a nice white suit with a big coffee stain on the front of it. She were red in her face, screaming at the girl behind the counter.

  • Can´t you put the lid on for a coffee cup properly!?
  • Do you know how much this suit costs?
  • Are you an idiot!?
  • Do you know who I am?
  • I have a meeting in one hour with a client and now I have to go back home and change first!
  • What is your name, I’m going to have you fired!

The girl behind the counter were almost in tears and just stood there and took it all.

The women marched out of there, jumped into her car and drove away.

When Ray came to the counter he just said:

  • Wow, someone´s having a bad day
  • Her day is about to become a lot worse
  • How come?
  • I know her, she´s a big shot real estate broker and the meeting she´s having in an hour is with my grandfather. He is selling his farm and she were there last week and valued it to $20 Million. My grandfather told me that he was going to let her sell it and they were going to write the contract today. After I tell him how she treated me, he will chose another broker.

The woman´s attitude that morning probably cost her around a Million dollars in commissions.


Have you ever thought about your attitude towards things, is it always like you want it to be?


Kind regards

Robin Flint

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