Investing for passive income can be done in many different ways

How to start investing?

A lot of people get to the point where they want to do something, they want passive income and they want financial security for the future of their family. Many might have read a book like Rich dad poor dad or some other book in that category and they get really fired up about it. They think it sounds so easy, just go to the bank, ask them for the cash, buy 15 houses and rent them out to people and then just live life problem free from there. Well, while in theory it really is that easy, in reality it’s not, not even close. As I wrote to you before I gave it a try at least, I did what 95% don’t do after reading a book like that, I took action. Most people never get out of their comfort zone, it´s much easier to stay inside the comfort zone and just tell yourself that it doesn’t work or that it´s not something for you. How can you know it doesn’t work if you never tried for yourself?

It works for some people, it’s not like everyone that goes to the bank and ask to get a loan get denied. In fact in some cases the bank actually call people and ask if they want to get a loan from them, if they want to have some more money to invest with.

Why is it that unfair?

It’s not unfair, it’s actually as fair as it can be. The people that they call probably have a good track record, they know very well that he or she can take care of the money in a good way, it’s safe for the bank to leave their money with this person or company. When I went to the bank the first times the bank employee just looked at me and probably thought something like “this guy is in over his head, if I give him the loan there will be trouble coming soon”. And they were probably right, I had no idea what I was doing. The thing is that I learned a lot about these bank visits. Doing something and failing is always better than not doing anything at all. I have been doing a lot of things, when it comes to investing I’ve never been so afraid of failing that it stopped me from doing anything at all. I have taken a lot of losses but I’ve also become smarter. I see the losses as education money, but in some cases it would have been MUCH cheaper to just take some courses and learn the inside info first. Mistakes would have come anyway but maybe they would have been smaller (cheaper).

Do I need a lot of money to start investing?

The answer here is NO, you don’t need a lot of money to start investing and get passive incomes. I´ve heard that so many times that I can´t even count them “yeah, if you start with a big pile of cash it´s easy”, I don’t agree. Have you ever heard of lottery winners that won millions of Dollars or Euros and then a couple of years later they are broker then they were before the big win, why?

This comes down to experience and education, you might sit there in your couch back home and just turn your head and think “what stupid idiot would lose all that money, just like that?”. The thing here is that if you can´t invest with small money, what makes you think that you are capable of investing with big money?

If you go to the bank and show them that you have done a lot of successful smaller investments and tell them that you are now ready to step it up a nudge and do some little bit bigger ones, do you think your chances of getting a loan would be higher?

The only reason it´s easier for the guy investing the millions is because he knows what he´s doing. It´s not at all related to the size of the money pile.

A friend of mine has a real estate company with 15-20 buildings or so, he and his father owns the company together. He told me that his father started the company a long time ago when my friend was a child. My friend wanted to do like his father so he tried to learn from him and finally in his mid-twenties he bought his first small building. A while after that his father came to him and said “isn’t it time for us to put our businesses together?”, so they did. He told me that everything was much easier after that, why is that?

Was it because there now was a lot of money in the picture or was it because he now had a partner with big experience and knowledge about what he was doing?

Now he could tap in and learn side by side everything from his father and get the experience that he needed to take the business forward. I have very hard in believing that his father let him take all the decisions in the first years, probably not even now.

I think the “it´s easy if you start with a lot of money” comment is just some excuse that people make up to get a freecard from ever having to start doing something.

How to start investing, give me some passive income ideas (!)

Well, it depends on you. How do you want to start?

Most people have something already that can start to bring in some passive income pretty quickly.

Things like a vacation home that you can start to rent out when you don’t stay there, or a car that you don’t use every day. If you own stocks maybe it´s possible to put out options on those stocks to get some passive income. Maybe you live in a big apartment or house and you don’t really need all the rooms for yourself, renting one out might be one idea.

If you don’t have anything that you can think of that can bring you some passive income it might be a good idea to buy something like that. I know some people that rent out scooters to tourists in the area they live. Use your imagination, there are thousands of ways to make passive income streams.

If you have very little money there are other options, in that case you have to get more creative and instead invest with your time. I would say that the most important skill to learn is how to sell and how to become trustworthy to other people. If you know how to sell you can create a sales network where you can collect commissions on sales of affiliate products. Maybe a small investment in a book on people skills would be a good start. After you learned the fundamentals of how to talk to people and get them to like you, it´s time to start practicing. It´s not an easy way to go but millions of other people have done journeys like that and succeeded, so why would it be impossible for you?

Making some digital product is another way to go things like E-books, Apps and education videos. I recently met a guy that quit his job and moved to Thailand for 6 months (because it was cheaper to stay there than in the UK). He was developing a new kind of keyboard for mobile devices, a round one. I have no idea how it´s going but at least he´s doing something.

Even if you fail on the first try it doesn’t mean that you have to quit, go home and cry to mommy about it. Everyone fails, the people that has failed the most in life are often the most successful. As long as you learn from your failures and keep moving forward, your dreams and goals will come closer to you, it might not feel like that right then but your new experience will help you in the future.

If you already have a lot of money, maybe from a well-paying job or medium size business you might feel tempted to do some bigger investment to start with, why waste time with small money?

While it might feel silly to start with trying to make a few hundred Euros extra per month it´s not a bad idea, it’s better to make the mistakes and learn from them if they don’t cost as much. Once you know how to make hundreds you can always grow it and do new things.

Your goals and dreams are for you

A couple of days ago, I met up with two friends. They are probably some of the most successful entrepreneurs I know. I told them about this new blog and the education system that we are in the process of creating. I explained my thoughts about passive income and what the different levels of financial independence are. I went on to explain a little bit of what my goals were before and how I took myself there. I said that for a normal person, if you can have maybe 2000 € (after tax) or so in passive income then you wouldn´t have to work, you would be financially independent.

So, one of my friends said:

– Well, 2000€ is not much.

I went on to say, “That depends on who you are”. The levels for financial independence and financial security are different for everyone. For some people the level for financial security might be 10000€ a month or more, to others it might be 400€. Everything depends on living standards, what country you´re from, if you are a family or just one person etc. You are the one that put up your own goals and dreams. It doesn´t matter if you earn a six figure income or if you´re on minimum wage, if you want to become financially independent you first look at your passive expenses, if they are 1000€ a month then that should be your first target. When you reach your first target, you have financial security. If something were to happen to you or your job, your bills will still be taken care of, there would still be a roof over your head and food on the table. The next step adds your active expenses, all the money you spend to enjoy life a bit more. That would be a good second target. The next step could be to add some extra money to use for investing so you can grow your lifestyle from year to year.

The important thing here is to not look at others, how others are doing has nothing to do with you. You need to know already from that start why you want to do it. Why do you want security, why do you want financial independence, why are you reading this?

Maybe you have totally different dreams, not related to income or money, like I have now.

Write them down, tell everyone around you and just go for it!

Do you have a Dream, something that you want to achieve in life?

If you have, give me a big fat YES! In the comments below.

Thank you for reading and if you like it, don’t be selfish.

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Kind regards

Robin Flint

Passive income together

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  1. Francisco

    Hello Robin,

    Congratulations in the creation of your new website! I really liked he article, I think you are brave and you will be successful. I saw your post in Reddit and I read it completely. 
    I totally agree that you don’t need a big pile of money to start a business, in fact with only £150 I have started mine. And so far I can’t retire but I am making enough money to recover the initial investment and to buy some treats.
    I recently (2 weeks ago) I created my new website hoping to share my experience about how I did some Passive Income on internet. On it I share my Monthly Income Reports to show transparency and engagement with my readers.
    If at some point you plan to do the same I could include you in the Bloggers List and it would be really nice so people can track your success.



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