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Today I was thinking that I should write a little more about the subject that we ended with in the last post, about setting goals for your investing and finding your real motivating dream.

I have heard that most people only dare to “dream” about 10% more than their wallet. This means that when we start to think about what you want in life, we first think about our situation today and then we add a little extra to it.

Les Brown says that “most people don’t fail in life because they aim to high and miss, most people fail in life because they aim to low and hit”

Think about it: Most people don’t fail in life because they aim to high and miss but instead aim to low and hit…

It’s so easy today to just buy the things that you want, you can always use a credit card or take a loan and buy the thing that you want. I mean if you have an average “steady” job and your dream is to get a brand new car, you can just go to the car dealer and work out a deal with them to pay it off in a 7 year period or so. The big problem here is really that most people use credit cards and loans today to buy the things that they want today and then pay for the things in the future. This makes us slaves to debt. Once you get the taste of being able to get everything that you want right now it changes your patience, why wait until you can afford that new TV, car, computer, vacation trip or even house (taking a loan for the down payment instead of saving for it) when you can just slap up your credit card and get it today. It´s very comfortable to just pay a small amount every month instead of having to save up the cash for it. This keeps people poor. It might seem like a small amount to pay every month but then there comes another one and another and before you know what happened you might have problems with paying your rent or mortgage. Too many people are stuck in the debt spiral because of poor economic education, that’s what it really comes down to. If you would really understand what it means when you buy things on your credit card and then don’t pay it back at the end of the month, you wouldn’t do it.

Aiming higher

But back to our subject for this post. Now we know that most people aim to low.

How do we teach ourselves to aim higher then?

Think about what you really want in life, if anything’s possible. You have all the time and all the money to do anything, what would your life look like?

Now it’s easy to do like I did, just think about big cool things that you would like. Your own island, a house that is so big that you can sleep in a different room every night for a full year, a collection of every Ferrari model ever made, your own privet Jet or maybe the toilet bowl in pure gold. While all these things are BIG or even extreme dreams and would probably be very cool to have they might not be the things that you really want in life. I believe that those extreme things are more of a big ego thing that you just get when you have a lot of money and you already bought all the tings that you really wanted. Motivation is very important and if you start your journey towards your goal and the goal is a private island when you are in a medium income job, chances are that at the first bump on the road you give up. It’s easy to give up because the goal is so far away that you can’t even see it with a telescope. If you instead think about what you really want and feel connected to it with your emotions, then it will be easier to rise up again after you fall down.

Let me give you some examples:

If you have children I guess you really love them and maybe would like to spend more time together as a family, you would also do anything to keep them safe.

If you had enough passive income to pay all your bills you maybe would want to start working halftime so you could spend more time with your family and still have a lot of extra money to do things together. Even if that halftime job would be lost for some reason your family would still be safe because all the bills are already taken care of with your passive incomes.

I know some people who really hate their job, the motivation there might be to have enough passive income to feel confident enough to walk in to your boss’s office and tell them “you know I have something wrong with my eyes, I can’t see myself working here anymore”.

Maybe you are closing up on retirement age and are scared that your pension won’t be enough to keep the same living standards that you have today.  Think about the feeling of security if you can build up some passive incomes that would cover the income difference between your salary and your pension.

If you´re a youngster like I was it might be to show your friends and family that you are someone, someone that is able to live life on your terms, someone that is in control. Maybe you want your parents to be proud of you.

Don’t be afraid

Once you have your reason for doing something and start telling your friends, “I’m going to become financially independent” or “I’m going to make passive incomes so I can spend more time with my family” or “in five years, I’m going to tell my boss to f*ck off”, they might not be so excited about your idea as you. In fact, without even thinking about it some of them might worry about you and tell you to not get your hopes up, not to waste time and to be careful so you don’t lose your money.

If you shouldn’t have your hopes up, what’s the alternative? To keep your hopes down?

Let me ask you this, if you are going to do something, anything at all and you keep your hopes down, what do you think would happen? You´re basically hoping to fail!

Your friends don’t say these things to hurt you or to make you unsecure, they say it out of love, they don’t understand the impact it has on the person on the receiving end of that comment. The reason comments like that hurt you is because you don’t really have anything to show as proof that your idea works, you are still unsecure. This is really your first test, you have to get thick skin to win in life and if you can’t rise up again after your friends caring comments then chances are that your dream isn’t the “right one”. If you´re not emotionally connected to your dream in any way it won’t motivate you. That’s what happened to me and the only thing to do then is to go back and do some more searching after your motivating force.

I want to encourage you to not be ashamed of your dreams, tell everyone that you care about what you are about to do. Then you will know who believe you can do it and who´s having doubts about the whole thing. Some will support you and some will be scared that you will fail and maybe lose a lot of money or just waste your time. After you tell them you will know who you can go to for some extra power when you need it, and you will need it. You will also know the ones that don’t believe you can do it and you don’t have to bring it with them again, either they are just worried about you or are jealous because you have the courage to do something that they don’t.

I want to give you a small thought here at the end of this post. If you think about any entrepreneur, sportsperson, actor or whoever that accomplished something astonishing in life. When a person like that is asked about their success they all say the same thing, “I dreamt about this all my life” or “this has been a dream of mine for a long time (or something similar).

I also have a dream, a new one. My dream is to have a thousand people tell me that they made it, they took the small steps towards a secure life on their terms. I want to be part of the reason they made it to the finish line!

Thank you for reading and if you like it, don’t be selfish.

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Kind regards

Robin Flint

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