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Eradicating poverty in Africa through crowd funded tree planting.

According to the WWF over 50% of the world’s forests are lost already and at the moment about 48 football fields of forest is cut down every minute. In Africa only one new tree is planted for every 28 trees that are cut down.

Almost one billion people in the world are living below the world banks “Extreme poverty” line of 1.25$/day. Many of them live in Africa and about 80% of them are farmers, living in the rural areas.

Only 40% of children in rural areas complete an education! We are solving these problems using 3 proven techniques….

Better Globe arrange crowd-funded tree plantations on useless land, in the semi-desert of Africa where there are no jobs and no infrastructure.

They plant cash crop trees on the plantations. The most common ones are Mango trees, Acacia Senegal (produces Gum Arabic) and Mukau (Mahogany).

To plant and take care of the trees they hire people to work for a salary in the plantations. They also have contract farmers, people who have a piece of land can apply to take part of the program and plant trees on their land as a bonus income for the household.

In the rural areas around the plantations Better Globe helps with water security by setting up water collecting systems on the roof of buildings, drilling for water etc.

Better Globe also build and renovate schools and see to it so that children in these areas will have the possibility to an education.

Through the micro financing program, poor people get the chance to open up their own business or to invest in the family farm. The average loan is about 100$ and because of this, thousands of businesses have been started up already, lifting people out of poverty.

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Sustainable solution to some of the biggest challenges

This Donation package costs 53€ and is designed to fight poverty with full power. The donation package contains

  • 2 trees that are planted in your name and will bring you income (416€ in total)
  • 2 trees that are given to poor communities in the semi desert areas of Africa which they get fruits and income from
  • 500 liters of water or equivalent are given to local communities
  • 1,5€ to repair and build new schools
  • 1,5€ for micro financing so that poor farmers can take themselves out of poverty by growing their business or investing in the family farm

The trees are planted on the plantations, which creates jobs, in areas with very few jobs.

With water collecting systems in the poor communities surrounding the plantations the locals don’t have to walk for hours every day just to get water.

Education is very important to eradicate poverty, no country has ever taken its people out of poverty without educating them first. So of course the donation package includes building and renovating schools.

The last ingredient is micro financing, the concept that Muhammad Yunus received the Nobel prize for in 2007. Micro financing gives poor farmers the possibility of taking a loan to invest in the family farm or open up a business. Those loans help the poor to increase their income and get out of poverty. Later on those farmers and businesses need workers, creating more jobs, taking even more people out of poverty.

Not only that but the trees absorb carbon dioxide and if you buy one donation package per month for a full year, you have made you and your family CO2 neutral that year. It is estimated that the emissions of an average family in the west are 22-24 tons of CO2 per year. 12 donation packages will contribute to 48 trees being planted and 48 trees will in a lifetime absorb about 24 tons of CO2.

On top of that you will make money! If you buy just one donation package per month for a year (12 DP) the returns will be just under 5000€ in total, about 10% average annual return.

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Better Globe believes that to make something sustainable long-term everyone has to become a winner in the process.

Everyone that decides to contribute will therefor also take part of the profits from the trees, making it a Win-Win.

The returns comes from the sales of fruit, rubber and hardwood and are paid out annually over a 20 year period.

When you buy a tree Better Globe will plant a seedling that over the coming 4 years will grow into a income producing tree.

In the 5th year, the tree is big enough to start produce income and you get a piece of the profits. Dividends of 15% are paid out annually every year from year 5 until year 19.

On the 20th year, Better Globe buys back the tree for 10 times the initial price. This is the time when they cut down the Mukau trees (Mahogany) and use it to make high quality furniture, Parquet floors etc.

The trees can be bought separately for 17€ each or through the Donation Package.

The return from the trees average about 14% per year, total 12 times the money back over the 20 year period.

You can buy as many or as few trees and Donation Packages as you like!

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Best Deal - 1DP + 10Trees/month

Better Globe wants us to buy the Donation Package because that’s what really makes a difference and helps the most, BUT there is a problem since from a money making point of view, it’s better to just buy trees.

Therefor they have created a way to help more AND make a better deal.

The deal is for everyone that within a calendar year buys 12 Donation Packages and 120 trees (1DP+10 trees/Month). You get 20 bonus trees for FREE making the average price just 16.31€ per tree.

To take part of this offer follow the instructions below:

  1. Click the “Buy trees” button below
  2. Set the purchase to 10 trees and 1 Donation package, Click next
  3. Enter your information, Click next
  4. Be sure to check the monthly Subscription boxes for monthly purchase of both trees and Donation packages, Click “confirm purchase”
  5. Fill out the payment information and click the blue button
  6. Check your email for the confirmation from Better Globe
  7. If you are making the purchase after January month you have to buy extra trees and donation packages to cover the previous months (So that the total amount for the year is minimum 12 DP and 120 trees).
  8. To make a one-time purchase just visit and click “Login” up in the upper right corner. Login with your chosen password and Customer number (AID), it was sent to you in the confirmation email. When you are logged in click the “Products” tab in the menu to the left. Then just enter the amount of trees and Donation Packages you want to buy, click next and confirm the purchase.
  9. Make sure everything is set up right. When logged in, go to the “Products tab” and check “Buy trees monthly” so it is active and set for 10 trees. And “Buy Donations monthly” so it is set to 1 and is active.
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