Better Globe is one of the sources that I get passive income from and it’s definitely the one that I am the most proud of. This is about Impact investing – doing good while making money. 

This project is something that you should look closer into if you like to help people living in extreme poverty, to get out of poverty. Save the environment, become CO2 neutral and are looking for a great way to grow your money over the long term.

Their system has a proven track record and it works, last year 2017 well over 20000 people got their 15% annual returns, I was one of them. So far, during the first 13 years, Better Globe has made good on all their promises and I feel very confident that they will continue to do so in the future. Some of the smartest investors and entrepreneurs that I know are investing heavily in Better Globe and has done for many years now.

Better Globe has also been endorsed by motivational speaker and Co-author of the book “Chicken soup for the soul” Jack Canfield

Here is a 20 minute full presentation of the project:


Ready to buy trees right now? You do that right here at Better Globes website

We need to plant more trees

According to the WWF over 50% of the worlds forests are lost already and at the moment about 48 football fields of forest is cut down, not every day, not every hour but every single minute!

No wonder the price of tropical wood is going through the roof!

Extreme rising demand and a shrinking stock makes tropical forestry investments low risk with high returns.

Just to be clear now, all the numbers are in Euros (€) because that’s the currency that Better Globe is using. Through Better Globes website it’s possible to invest in trees from anywhere in the world no matter what currency you have in your bank account or credit card. Better Globe has customers in over 80 countries across the world. One Euro (1€) equals about 1.1 US Dollar (US$1.1). The percentage of the returns are the same in all currencies across the world.

Take a look at this 4 minute video to understand the process:


The cool thing is that Better Globe arrange the plantations on useless land, in the semi-desert. This has many benefits:

  • It prevents the desert from spreading and taking more fertile land
  • It takes away erosion in the ground and makes it fertile again
  • It  gives people in areas with no jobs, no infrastructure and no water the possibility for all that
  • It’s also cheap to lease, since it’s considered useless, and there is a lot of it!

The Better Globe donation package 

This package costs 53€ and is designed to fight poverty with full power.

The donation package contains

  • 2 trees that will be planted in your name and will bring you passive income
  • 2 trees that are given to poor communities in the semi desert areas of Africa which they get fruits and income from
  • 500 liters of water or equivalent are given to local communities
  • 1,5€ to repair and build new schools
  • 1,5€ for micro financing so that poor farmers can take themselves out of poverty by growing their business or investing in the family farm

Here is how it works:

passive income from donation package

One donation package today cost 53€ but the returns you will get from your trees is over 400€ over the coming 20 year period, so you make money by doing good.

The donation package is designed with all the right ingredients to fight poverty and corruption

The trees are planted on the plantations, which creates jobs, in areas with very few jobs.

With water collecting systems in the poor communities surrounding the plantations the locals don’t have to walk for hours every day just to get water.

Education is very important to eradicate poverty, no country has ever taken its people out of poverty without educating them first. So of course the donation package includes building and renovating schools.

The last ingredient is micro financing, the concept that Muhammad Yunus received the Nobel prize for in 2007. Micro financing gives poor farmers the possibility of taking a loan to invest in the family farm or open up a business. Those loans help the poor to increase their income and get out of poverty. Later on those farmers and businesses need workers, creating more jobs, taking even more people out of poverty.

Not only that but the trees absorb carbon dioxide and if you buy one donation package per month for a full year, you have made you and your family CO2  neutral that year. It is estimated that the emissions of an average family in the west are 22-24 tons of CO2  per year. 12 donation packages will contribute to 48 trees being planted and 48 trees will in a lifetime absorb about 24 tons of CO2

You will also get a beautiful certificate like showing that you are CO2  neutral 🙂

On top of that you will make money! If you buy just one donation package per month for a year (12 DP) the returns will be just under 5000€ in total.

Buy Donation packages right here 

Here is what the investment process for a tree looks like:

passive income profits from trees

As you can see in the info graphic here above, when you buy a tree, they plant a seedling. That seedling then grows into a tree in four years and in the fifth year we as investors start to get returns from the sold fruits, rubber and nuts.

One part of the trees that are planted is a kind of Mahogany tree called Mukau. Those are the trees that are cut down in the 20th year to make furniture, boat interior, parquet floors etc.

Ready to get your first trees?  Get them here at Better Globes website

I have made calculations on how sustainable the returns are, it looks really good and I have full trust in Better Globes calculations Learn more here

How does the returns from Better Globe trees look over time?

As mentioned before the returns from the harvest of fruits/rubber etc. every year from year 5 until year 19 is 15% and at the 20th year Better Globe buys back the tree from us for 10 times the initial price.

If you buy one donation package you get 2 trees in your name, and if you buy it every month that will equal 24 trees in a year.

Better Globe have created a “tree calculator”, where you can put in the amount of trees you want to buy every year (or just one single year) and see how the returns will look over time.

Here is a screen dump of the calculator set at buying 120 trees per year (10 trees per month). If you click it you will come to the page with the calculator so that you can put in your own numbers:

Tree calculation to see passive income over time

How much should I invest in Better Globe?

That is very hard for me to answer because it depends on you portfolio, goals and for what reasons you want to invest. But of course you should not invest all you money in Better Globe, the same goes for every other investment out there.

With that said i think that everyone in the western world could at least buy a monthly donation package to help the underprivileged and our environment. The donation package is designed to eradicate poverty with proven techniques and also gives the donor a return, like an investment.

Up until now my own personal investments and donations in this project reach over 35.000€ and its growing every month. Better globe has done payouts every year on schedule since 2010 and has proven that what they are doing is working.

THE BEST DEAL: invest in 10 trees and 1 Donation Package monthly (and receive 20 bonus trees for free)

Better Globe has this special offer for everyone that buys 120 trees and 12 Donation Packages (10 trees and 1 DP per month) within a calendar year. Everyone that does that get 20 investment trees for FREE (20 year Value: 4160€)  The chart above shows the returns for those of us who choose to use the offer and invest in 10 trees and one DP continuously.

If you want to take part of this special offer follow the points below (5 min)

1. Go to Better Globes website 
2. Set the purchase to 10 trees and 1 Donation package, Click next
3. Enter your information, Click next
4. Be sure to check the monthly Subscription boxes for monthly purchase of both trees and Donation packages, Click “confirm purchase”
5. Fill out the payment information and click the blue button
6. Check your email for the confirmation from Better Globe
7. If you are making the purchase after January month you have to buy extra trees and donation packages to cover the previous months (So that the total amount for the year is minimum 12 DP and 120 trees).
8. To make a one time extra purchase just visit and click “Login” up in the upper right corner. Login with your chosen password and Customer number (AID), it was sent to you in the confirmation email.
When you are logged in click the “Products” tab in the menu to the left. Then just enter the amount of trees and Donation Packages you want to buy, click next and confirm the purchase.

So now let me ask you, what’s your backup plan?

If you look back at your life, how fast did the past 5 years go? or the past 10 years?

What I’m saying is that time goes really quick and I know that you like everyone else wants to make quick money, I want that too. Unfortunately chasing quick money often leads to major loses.

Owning some trees makes me and tens of thousands of other people sleep good at night because we know that no matter what happens with all the other projects and investments, our trees are still growing and producing income for us.

I Invest about 10% of my income in trees plus I buy donation packages for my “Doing good” money. That way I know that in 20 years when the trees are bought back by Better Globe for 10 times the initial price I will get the same amount of money every year as my income is today. PLUS, I’m making a 15% return every year after 4 years.

I believe in full transparency, I have been investing and donating through Better Globe monthly since 2012 and since I love the idea of making money while doing good. I have also been in both Kenya and Uganda in 2017 and visited all the different operations down there, Amazing!  I decided to become an affiliate for them. If you buy your trees through my link I will get a small commission, for you there’s no difference at all. 

If you have any questions you can just email me at

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A few of the people that get returns every year:

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Below are a few pictures from the plantations and the surrounding areas