How Attractive Design Can Boost the Value of Your Online Business – Guest post

How Attractive Design Can Boost the Value of Your Online Business

It’s unfortunate, but many digital business owners neglect the design of their website. While the
site might have been great when you launched the business or when it was just a hobby, it needs
to something you are constantly improving. As a digital business, your website is probably your
biggest asset.

Failure to consider the design of the website ultimately affects the bottom line, and could affect
the final sale price if the business is one day sold.

If you believe a website is a website, here are a few of the different reasons you should start
looking at web design in a completely different light.

Ongoing maintenance and upgrades aren’t unnecessary expenses or ‘just fluff’, they are an
investment in the value of your business. Here are just a few ways the right design choices can
boost your revenue and the value of your online business.

Increase Your Conversion Rates

Your conversion rates refer to the number of people coming into your website that get converted
into new leads and sales for your business.

For instance, if you have 100 visitors come to your website, and 20 of those visitors subscribe to
your email list, then 5 of those subscribers turn into a new customer, your website has a 20%
conversion rate for your email list, and a 5% conversion rate for your sales.

An ugly website may still be able to convert new visitors into leads and those leads into
customers. Typically they aren’t going to do it at the same rate that an attractive, conversion rate
focused design is going to do.

Let’s assume that your ugly website is converting 1 out of 100 visitors into a new sale for your
business. By redesigning the website, you may convert 5 of those 100 visitors into leads.

That’s a massive increase in your bottom line.

The small investment you’ll make into your website’s design more than takes care of itself with
the increase in conversion rates.

The Search Engines Love It

Organic search engine traffic is some of the highest converting traffic you can drive to your
website. There are certain factors that major search engines look at when they’re figuring out
how strong your site is, and where it should rank in the search results.

A couple of those factors are how many backlinks you have and where those backlinks are
coming from. Backlinks are one of the biggest factors you need to consider.

As search engines evolve they are increasingly considering other factors. They are relying more
and more on how users are interacting with your website to determine how worthy it is when it
comes to ranking in search results.

If a user visits your website from the search results page, and then immediately clicks back to the
search results because your website is ugly and hard to navigate, the search engines will assume
that your website was unhelpful.

If they believe that your website isn’t helpful to their visitors, they will lower your rankings in
favor of another website that their users tend to linger on longer.

To compete with websites at the top of the search results, you need to make sure that your web
design is attractive and easy to navigate.

As search engines evolve, their reliance on user metrics is only going to increase.

Your Branding Is “Sticky”

While a customer may remember your website because it was “ugly” that isn’t necessarily a good
thing. An ugly website is rarely able to create the mental inroads that cause your branding to be
truly “sticky” in the eyes of a consumer.

A good designer is able to pull together your brand and messaging in a way that it stays in your
consumer’s mind. Whenever they have a problem that your products or services can solve, your
business will be the first thing that they think about.

Front-end website design currently doesn’t get enough credit. This goes back to the design of
your storefront, if you have a local business. You spent money on advertisements, lighting,
displays, and other marketing assets in a way to make your brand stick out and be remembered.

A good web designer knows what resonates with your target audience. They are able to
implement those aspects into the design so you get more bang for your marketing buck.

Organic Marketing Is Easier

When you’ve hit critical mass with your marketing strategies, your visitors and customers begin
doing your marketing for you. They spread your message without you being actively involved.
This saves you large amounts of money and increases your conversion rates at the same time.

While this may be possible if you have an ugly website, the chances of your website being
shared across social media platforms, being linked to by bloggers, and picked up by news and
media outlets are substantially reduced.

The Bottom Line

Each of these strategies fall into making sure your marketing dollars go further. You can turn
more visitors into paying customers which is what you want from a successful marketing

The value of your digital business, whether you intend to keep growing it, or to eventually
position it for a sale, is reliant on your website.

Upfront investment in a quality design and ongoing updates can make a huge impact on your
bottom line over the years.

About the author: Jock Purtle is a successful entrepreneur who loves the freedom
entrepreneurship gives him. He has owned, bought and sold several online businesses and is
always looking to work with likeminded entrepreneurs to increase their revenues and boost their
business performance.

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