My Better Globe trip to Kenya and Uganda

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Very Few people would stand in the (semi)desert and think for themselves “This is a forest, all that is missing is the trees”. Rino Solberg, Jan Vandenabeele and Jean-Paul De Prince did that in 2004 and today their success is un-debatable.

Jan, Jean-Paul, Rino

“Where we the people choose to place our money is what will grow”

I have since 2012 been saving in fast-growing cash crop trees in Africa on a monthly basis, It’s very profitable giving about 14% average annual returns, a total of 12 times the money back over a 20 year period. BUT even though the returns are great, the returns in social benefit are so much greater.

Better Globes vision is to eradicate poverty and corruption in Africa, they have therefor created a product that they call the “Donation package”. The Donation package focuses on creating Jobs, Providing Water, Education and Micro finance loans in some of the poorest areas in the world.

The following is a mix of what I’ve learned before – through studying it, and what I learned and saw during my 2 week trip to Kenya and Uganda. I hope it will make you more comfortable in making a decision to start saving in trees and Donation packages, Africa needs more people like YOU 🙂

Micro finance loans

Muhammad Yunus from Bangladesh got the Nobel peace prize for this concept in 2007 with his micro finance bank “Grameen Bank”. Since then the concept has been practiced to lift people out of poverty throughout the world. The micro finance bank that has been started is funded by Better Globe and managed by K-Rep that are experts in the field in Kenya.

The bank is owned by the people, everyone that want to take a loan from the bank must first become a shareholder. Then the income that is produced from the loans is paid out to the shareholders by the end of the year. The average loan is about 10,000 KSH (100USD) and is paid back on a monthly basis within a couple of years. About 70% of the loans are given to women and the payback rate is very high 95-99%.

Something that I didn’t fully understand until now when I finally went down there and saw it with my own eyes was that their time really is spent surviving, most people in the rural areas have NO income. They are in a cycle that they can’t break by themselves and a micro loan is one of the tools used to give them the chance to break the cycle.

Loans are taken to invest in the family farm, buy a cow or a goat, get a solar panel or other things that they can use to create incomes for the household.

This lady took a loan to get material for building these chairs that she can sell for 400KSH (4USD) each. She can make one chair per day and with the income, she was able to buy 2 goats that later had some goat babies. Now she has a big nice house, many goats and is lifted out of poverty. About 1200 microloans like this one has been given out so far.

The Lady in read is the Micro finance lender


Education might be the most powerful tool to fight corruption and poverty. No country has ever taken its people out of poverty without educating them first. The children need to learn new skills and develop so that they will have more possibilities when they grow up and of course, they also need to learn right from wrong. Less than half the children in rural areas of Africa get an education, this is one of the reasons that corruption and poverty is so wide spread.

Better Globe build and renovate schools in Kenya and Uganda in association with Child Africa. I have visited some of the schools and the appreciation is enormous. Many of the children would never have had the chance to go to school if it weren’t for us and Better Globe. I heard stories from some of them and it’s like nothing you can ever imagine, life is so different there from anywhere else that I have traveled before. Some come from the street, left by their parents because they don’t have the resources to support them with food and water. In many cases one or both the parents are dead. The children love to go to school and learn new things and are really happy to have gotten a chance to a decent life.

Visiting the schools was an emotional roller-coaster with many laughs, some crying and a lot of excitement. It really feels great that our money goes to exactly what it’s supposed to. The schools are properly set up and managed very professionally. I love the fact that the children are taught Integrity, caring for others and that happiness comes from giving.

The children had prepared songs and dances for us when we arrived and I even got a private tour by some of the children that showed their classrooms and explained a bit of what they were learning at the moment.


As you can see in the video, the problem with water in these areas is enormous. There is only water in the rivers for a couple of weeks per year (When it rains) and most people have to walk for many hours every day just to get water to survive.

Usually the water that is available is contaminated!

Better Globe installs water collecting systems, drill for water and in some situations buy fresh water and transport it out to schools and rural villages to fill up the installed water tanks.

Trees – The profitable business that makes the rest possible

This is where I got a bit worried just before I went on this trip, is this business model really sustainable and are there a lot of trees?

The answer is, to my relief, YES. When we arrived at the plantations it was like driving into a forest, and when we arrived at the nursery, we could really see what was going on. The amount of trees that Better Globe managed to plant in 10 years before will now be planted in less than a year. Now the expansion phase is on and it’s no joke. The model for eradicating poverty and corruption works in small scale, with amazing results as evidence.

The goal for this year 2017 is to plant 1 million trees and already after 6 months they have about 800k seedlings in total, soon ready to be planted.


Not only that but new innovative ways to sell and plant the trees where presented to us. Trees-for-shopping allows businesses to use their CSR money to plant trees in Better Globes plantations, the profits from the trees will be shared with that businesses customers. Say you go and buy something on Amazon (or any other store), you will get a 25% cash back after 5 years on anything and everything that you buy.

Better Globe has been given some land (20Ha) by KenGen foundation on a great location in Kenya, right on a big main road, near a lake and a power station. The perfect location for business and this is where they will build the sawmill and factory for making parquet floors.

A laboratory for cloning seedlings will also be built there as part of the plan to speed up the planting process and increasing the quality of the seedlings. The “protocol” for cloning Mukau trees is already in place.

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