From being a street kid to financially independent

From being a street kid to financially independent with network marketing

I was recently on an awesome trip to Cambodia. It was a great trip and I really enjoyed spending some time there, visiting the ruins of Angkor Wat, meeting new people and partying.

But there was one thing that was extra cool. One of my readers and followers of my Facebook page is from Cambodia (there are probably a few more) and she decided to take the opportunity to meet me while I was in her home country. She took the 7 hour drive from her home town to Siem reap, where I was, just to hang out with me for a couple of days.

After I heard her life story, I felt that it was something that we needed to share with others.

She don’t want people to know her real name so in the story I will call her “Lale”

From the top

Lale was born in India but since her father was a drinker, her mom decided to move back home to Cambodia to start a new life with her new born daughter. After about 3-4 years, her mom got sick with cancer and didn’t have the power or money to take care of Lale anymore.

Lale was placed with foster parents in province far away from her mother. She felt already from the beginning that she didn’t belong with this new family, she didn’t like them at all.

The years passed by and at the age of 9 years Lale decided to “escape” from her foster parents, and so she did.

She found her way to the capital city of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. She became a street kid there, sleeping outside and eating whatever she could find, life was a struggle to say the least. After a few years she found a lady that took her into her home, let her stay there and gave her food. But she also put her to work, cleaning other people’s homes, doing the dishes and laundry. In exchange for working 12 hour days, basically every day she got food, shelter and 5$ per month.

The years passed by and as Lale developed into a women, the lady’s son started to find her attractive. They tried to pressure Lale into marrying him but she didn’t want to, he was much older than her and she didn’t like him.

When she was 17 years old the pressure got too high and Lale decided to run away again, this time with more experience and some money in her pocket. She managed to find a place to rent and set out to find a job.

While working in the days, she decided to learn how to become a designer in the night, since she had an interest for clothes. She read everything that she could find and experimented with her old clothes, re-making them. Later she went to school and learned more. She was talented and after she finished school she managed to get a good designer job, designing clothes for companies all over Cambodia.

Her life had really turned around, now she was successful, living in a nice apartment, making enough money to live a comfortable life.

How network marketing got into the picture

At this point, she got introduced to network marketing, passive income and financial freedom. She had never heard of it before but she really liked the idea of passive income and financial freedom, so she decided to give it a go.

She followed the instructions of her mentor, learned what she needed to learn, did what she needed to do and now one and a half years later, she has more than her salary covered with passive income, and time freedom is a fact. Awesome!

What’s the secret?

I had to ask her how she managed to do it in such a short time, most people struggle to even make a little money with network marketing. She told me that the people that don’t succeed are the ones that don’t follow the system. First you got to learn “deep” knowledge about the products and the company so that if anyone has a question, it’s easy for you to answer it, which also brings confidence. You also need to read and develop personally into a person that is worthy of success. Last you need to get into action and stay there, Lale told me that she always has 3 business presentations booked every day. Sometimes there are cancelations but all the time from the start she has shown her business plan at least 30 times per month, every month.

There is one reason, and one reason only why people don’t make money from their network marketing business. That reason is that they don’t treat it like a real business. Just 3 presentations per day can take someone to financial independence in one and a half years.

Now there might be several reasons why people don’t treat it like a real business. Two of them are trust and expectancy. If you don’t trust the system, or the products with your full heart, you will never expect to get the results that you want, and if you don’t expect it to happen you’re basically just wishing for it. The reason you don’t have expectancy might be because the company that you’re with is either not fit for you, or generally not a “good” network marketing company.

Long story short, most people that fail in network marketing because they don’t expect it to work for them, so it doesn’t.

Getting full hearted trust comes from digging as deep as you can into the products, the company and what the company stands for, like I did before deciding to become an affiliate for Better Globe.

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