Financial freedom in just 4 years – Alexander Rudnik interview

Alexander Rudnik is the 22 year old guy from Russia that made financial freedom in just 4 years after learning that it really was possible for anyone if they put their heart into it. Alex now lives in Texas, USA, living a life of freedom.

I asked my new found friend Alex if he would be open to do a quick interview with me about his success and finally we made it happen.

Alex was traveling a lot when he was growing up since his father works in the oil industry. He moved to the US in 2008, but goes back to Russia to visit friends and family whenever he feels like it. When Alex was still in school 9th or 10th grade, his father started giving him financial literacy from among others Robert Kiyosaki.

“At first, I didn’t understand anything” Alex told me, but eventually he got it and decided that financial freedom was the way to go.

“As I was growing up I always thought about the working hard at a job thing and thought to myself that there has to be a better way. These big guys like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, what are they doing differently.”

What’s your background and what did you do to get to where you are now?

Alex comes from an upper middle-class family but has taken himself to where he is today. He says that guidance, knowledge and dedication is what made it happen for him. He took a course in trading stocks, and at first it all was very hard to understand, but eventually he cracked the code. At the course they were all given a practice account with fake money. In just two months, Alex turned the US$5000 into US$150,000 “And that’s when I got motivated” Alex told me. So at the end of the course the mentors/educators asked “who want to become financially free within 6 months?

Alex raised his hand and then proceeded to do what he was taught.

“It took me 8 months, not 6, but that’s okay” Pause…..

….“And next year I’ll be making my first US$ Million”

Haha, yeah that’s okay Alex!

So what’s a normal day for you now?

Haha, Well…… Can’t really remember, everything is just going so fast.

I hang out with my family, and friends, watch movies, read books about business and how to optimize profits. I just take it as it goes, just love my freedom. Have a lot of time to think things through and get better. I also want to help people do the same and inspire them to go for financial freedom. I also like to travel and love skiing!

What would you say is the most important ingredients to succeed and can anyone do this?

Having a mentor is really important. But first of all it’s your attitude towards life, you need to have a winning attitude. Anyone might not be able to do exactly what I’m doing but they can sure get financial freedom. If you are willing to learn you can sure do it, it takes time, motivation and dedication, it’s all about your will.

Surround yourself with people you can learn from, that forces you to level up. You need to spend time with mentors or role models that are where you want to go, so that if you work a 9-5, you don’t get absorbed by it. Never give up, practice, a lot! Take 2-3 hours a day to just learn more practice more. Talk about what you want to attract. Don’t listen to what negative people say and just crush it!

Alex writes to me after the interview. “One more thing, the more good you do, it will go around and come back to you like a boomerang”

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