Money grows on trees

Money grows on trees

despite what your parents might have told you in the early days of your life, here you will learn that money can grow on trees, Better Globe trees 🙂

From the experience of the past 4-5 years of investing in Better Globes plantations it is pretty clear that money really can grow on trees. Ethical investments that helps make the world a better place for everyone and gives back great returns is what we are talking about here.

Better Globe

Better Globe is a forestry company situated in Kenya but there is something special about Better Globe, compared to other forestry companies. They make is possible for anyone in the world to invest in their plantations through crowd funding, anyone can invest from as low as 17€ ($US19). The investors not only take part of the profits at a pre-fixed payback rate but they also contribute to making the world a much better place, one tree at the time.

Better Globes main goal is to eradicate poverty in Africa and are using Nobel Prize winning techniques to do so. Since they have been running operations for over 10 years now there is a track record that shows the success of the project. The specially designed Donation package is a winning concept when it comes to fighting poverty. The ingredients are a totally unique combination that benefits the poor people in Africa in the same time as it benefits the donator with a 650%+ return over a 20 year period. Adding to that, it benefits the environment, it’s a WIN-WIN-WIN.

Buying a donation package contributes with Jobs in very poor areas with high unemployment and it makes it possible for poor children to go to school. It makes it possible for families living in arid and semi-arid areas to have clean water. It also makes it possible for poor farmers to use micro loans and invest in the family farm, which makes it possible for them to lift themselves out of poverty.

This video explains the whole concept in 4 minutes:

Here you can learn more about Better Globe and how to be part of eradicating poverty in Africa

Money grows on trees

This is actually a bit funny because a lot of people have heard in their childhood that money don’t grow on trees but when investing in Better Globe money can “grow on trees”.

Over the past weeks there has been a number of big investor events for Better Globe around In Scandinavia. The results and progress that were shown are amazing and made me feel much safer and shore that this investment really will pay of and really makes a BIG difference in Africa and for the world.

Some of the key reasons for this where:

  • The scale up in planting speed. In the first 9 years Better Globe managed to plant 557.000 trees. In the 10th year they planted over 330.000 trees plus that they have about 440.000 seedlings ready to be planted. This shows that they are ready to really scale up and plant at a much higher speed than before. The goal for 2017 is to plant 500.000 – 1000.000 trees (!)
  • Updated satellite picture on one of the plantations and an extended partnership with KenGen (Kenya’s largest energy company). KenGen has given Better Globe land around a lake (the one in the satelite pictures, Lake kiambere) where they have a large power station that they use to produce electricity. Since the earth has been much eroded, it was breaking apart and falling into the lake, causing the turbines to stop working. Since Better Globe started planting trees next to the lake, the earth erosion has disappeared in the areas where the plantations are. Because of that KenGen is very grateful and have now given more land so that more trees can be planted around the lake. They have also given 40Ha of land to create a research facility and a place to mediate the mahogany (Mukau) logs.
  • The out growers project is in full operation. Out growers are contract farmers that are given the possibility to plant and take care of Better Globe trees on their own land in exchange for parts of the profits. They get full education on how it works and the trees that are planted makes their eroded land fertile so that they can grow their own crops as well, so it’s really a WIN-WIN for the poor farmers. In the first year the out growers project has now reached over 1000 contract farmers (!).
  • Eradicating poverty in Africa on TEDx. That’s right, Better Globes founder was invited to speak on TEDx in Sweden and explained how crowd funding Better Globes system really works to eradicate poverty in small scale. Now they are ready to scale up and make a real impact!

The returns                                    

examples of passive income from donation buys

The returns for us investors comes from the harvests of the trees – fruits, Gum Arabic and Mahogany.

The returns for trees are fixed at 15% per year once the trees start to produce fruits and Gum Arabic, on the 5th year. We investors get the 15% annual returns for 15 years then Better Globe will buy back the tree from us for 10 times the initial price on the 20th year (or before). The mahogany (Mukau) trees will be cut down to make furniture, parquet floors or just get sold out on the open market. as you can see money grows on trees 🙂

In this article I wrote about Better globe I did all the calculations and research shows that they have taken really good measures when it comes to the returns and will be making a great profit after the investors are paid back.

I recommend you to do your own research and check the facts before investing.

I personally bought about 25 donation packages this year plus 300 trees, as I have done for 4 years now, the returns will be great but the social impact is the greatest part!

The returns are paid out once a year and in December it will be paid out for the 7th time, as promised, moey grow on trees.

If you want to start to invest in trees or donation packages I would appreciate if you use my affiliate link below. It won’t make any difference for you but I will get a small commission on the sale which I will use to buy more donation packages, and we will together be able to help more people.

Buy trees and donation packages at better globes website right here

If you have any questions, just comment below or send me an E-mail:

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