When the world is broken money won´t matter

I´m feeling a bit sick after watching the news, seeing Hurricane Mathew crossing Haiti making a huge mess, killing lots of people, then heading on towards Florida. The reporter saying that a lot of people living in Haiti still lives in tents since the earthquake of 2010, WTF!

How can there still be people living in tents after all those years?

How is it possible that governments can print Trillions of dollars and euros to bail out banks and save big corporations that are run by criminals then they can´t print money to help enough in situations like that?

Where did it go wrong?

More extreme weather

We are all partly responsible for what is happening with the climate today. More droughts, more hurricanes, more floods, more cyclones and much more instable weather. Extreme heat in some places and extreme cold in some. New heat records are set every day in different places of the world. There is a 99% probability that this year will set a new heart record, as last year did, and the one before that and the one before that…

Scientists say that this is partly our fault, since climate goes in cycles, weather changes with the cycles. But since the industrial revolution we, the human race, have contributed to it getting more and more extreme. We over-consume our planets resources and we know it!

We know that what we are doing is wrong but we still don’t care, most people don´t think about future generations. What we have been seeing now these last 10 years is only the beginning, there will be more of it and stronger.

Some scientist say that sea levels might rise 30-70 meters if all the ice on earth melted, that is not good!

This is not my problem, why should I do something about it?

I hear people sometimes say, why should I do anything about this, the problems are in other countries. All the developing countries are releasing so much more shit out into the atmosphere that what we do here doesn´t matter. That is a stupid thing to think and say, it always has to start with someone. When more and more people are thinking more climate friendly, that will attract more and more people to do the same. Everywhere in the world there are people that are environment activists and everywhere there are people that think it´s a waste of time and money to be climate friendly.

There are even Idiots (Including political leaders) saying that climate change is a hoax. A very fucking stupid thing to say just because they don´t want to spend money on fixing it. When irresponsible leaders say things like that many people believe that they are speaking the truth. What they are too stupid to understand is that we can´t just live for today, there are no other earths around the corner that we can just move to when this one is used up.

CO2 emissions

We know that atmospheric CO2 has ranged between 172 and 300 parts per million (ppm) for the past 1 million years. The level is now over 400 ppm and rising. The higher CO2 levels in the atmosphere are linked to rising temperatures and rising temperatures means a more extreme and rough climate.

So now we are at over 400ppm and its rising rapidly. How will the climate be at 500ppm?

What we can do and individuals

There are many things that we can do in our daily life to lower our own emissions as well as compensating for them.

Some of the things we can do are:

Consuming less electricity, Use the bike or walk if you´re not going so far, use less paper, install solar panels, eat less meat, eat food that are produced closer to where you live, use less plastic (maybe get a shopping bag instead of getting plastic ones at the store), learn how to eco drive your car, say no to advertising in the mail and there are so much more different ways. Not over-consuming things.

There are also several ways to become CO2 neutral and even CO2 positive (meaning that you personally, through different ways, absorb more CO2 then you let out). There are some businesses nowadays that buy carbon points or plant trees in different places to offset their emissions of CO2. Since I like investing in trees(that you can read more about here) I have been CO2 positive since 2013 and with the profits I get, I have decided to donate a significant part to different projects that are making the world a better place. There are many companies that are planting and preserving trees all over the world that take donations in exchange for carbon offset points. Planting trees will not be enough, but if combined with lowering emissions on a personal level, and more, strict reforms on a government level we might be able to turn this around. No matter what, it´s our best shot because to continue on the path we are on today is not an option.

One company that allows you to buy carbon points from them is “Stand for trees” that Prince Ea is supporting. Check out his video “Dear future generations: Sorry”


Another important thing that we can do is to share with others this message, Share this post. Share videos about climate change on social media, and actually do things yourself to lower you’re your emissions. When more people know how bad it actually is, more people will do something about it and hopefully we can turn this ship around.

As I like to say, that I heard sometime many years ago:

One person can´t do everything but everyone can do something.


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